Here is a very special project I have been working on with my husband for the past few years. He is the mastermind behind it all, along with doing all the art and animation. I have the awesome honor of creating the soundscapes and music. This is Prelude I and is just a teaser of what is yet to come.

This project all started one morning, about four years ago, when my husband suddenly woke up very early, with a strong desire to write something down…and he hasnʻt stopped writing since that day. This story spilled out of him as he diligently worked all day and all night on it. I watched him toil away for years, but when he finally began to draw and animate the characters, it all started to come to life and it was amazing to behold! The story my husband has created is phenomenal on so many levels and I am so humbly proud to be a part of its unfolding.

It is with deep gratitude that we are now able to share this journey with you. We will be releasing more mini-episodes on Youtube  to grow a following and gain exposure. Big plans are in the works…be sure to subscribe to stay-in-the-know!

Mahalo for watching 🙂

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